November 2


If you’re concerned about booking an elite escort in Beijing for fear of being arrested, please relax. An elite escort or courtesan is not “selling sex”, and will never solicit such things or make any adult promises. Therefore she is doing nothing wrong, and neither are you. Booking a lady for a dinner date, a tour guide, a coffee buddy or an event accompaniment is not illegal. Even having her visit your hotel for a chat is not illegal.

Again, like your female lawyer or accountant, IF there is chemistry between you and she feels comfortable to accept a kiss or pursue some kind of personal connection with you, that will absolutely be at the escort’s discretion and personal choice. An elite luxury escort agency will Never ‘pimp’ their ladies in such an underhanded way, or promise private ‘services’ to people without her consent. She is NOT a prostitute. Hence her high end career, and the premium price tag for her time. She doesn’t give her time for any less than she would earn in her career.

Therefore, you won’t be in a position to accept or decline any illegal “adult services”, as they aren’t on offer like a menu list. A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell anyway, and would never expect a lady to discuss such things, or to disclose anything she might feel comfortable with in her personal life. How you spend your time together is entirely private between you and the beijing escort girl.

It’s up to you to be as charming and alluring as possible, to create the most comfortable environment for her. When a lady is comfortable, feeling safe and appreciated with a warm, kind person, she is more likely to let her guard down and start to appreciate you in return.

At the end of the day, you are booking this woman’s time, and paying for that companionship time. To get to know her, to enjoy a lovely dinner date and evening/ weekend/ week together. The connection you may form, or the personality clash that ends the date, (which is rare, given how lovely they are!), will be entirely between you and your Beijing date.

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