December 9

The 21st Century Beijing High Class Escort Girls

beijing escort girlEvery woman has a dream. Some may dream to be an actress or a model. But some dreams are just too far and very out of reach. That is why many ladies resort in becoming escorts in Beijing. Becoming an escort in Beijing allows many ladies to achieve their dreams with the monetary needs but then being an escort in Beijing will also come with a risk. Becoming an escort in Beijing you should set a few rules aside the rules that the escort agency in Beijing will provide. Being an escort in Beijing you should be aware of the realities of the job. Make sure that you are being paid generously and righteously. You put up with rude customers and disrespectful men and then some will just pay you $200, then that is not enough. What not many escorts in Beijing know is that they can be in control. They can set limits and also a line between you and your customer. You can let your customers play by your rules because if not then they won’t get what they want.

Here are some tips of how you can be one of the best escorts in Beijing:
1. Advertise. When an escort agency in Beijing will ask for some pictures make sure that they are tasteful and erotic. It should showcase your assets and you can even Photoshop them to make sure that the smallest imperfections are erased. Also a sweet fantasy name is also appropriate when it comes to advertising yourself. Tell your escort agency in Beijing what name you will want to be listed in their website. But make sure that you don’t give out too much information as you would want to your customers to be interested in you. For escort agencies in Beijing it is important to advertise in a website. This is where all the information should be posted so that clients can discreetly contact for models or escorts.
2. Be discreet. It is a kind of job that is not widely accepted in the society even if many ladies are doing it. Make sure that you don’t show your face in the advertisement and ask your escort agency to be discreet about it too. You don’t need your friends and family to know what you are doing for a living.
3. Choose a location that your clients can’t be seen by other people. High end clients want everything to be discreet and also casual. Make sure you choose locations that will also this need by the client. Once you have chosen the location, set the mood and invest in making your client relaxed and happy. You can prepare candles and relaxing scents and even learn how to do a massage;these
are an added plus so that your clients will greatly compensate you.
4. Always look great. It is important that you are appealing to your clients. Make sure that your hair, nails and face is done and you should look perfect for every single client. Carry yourself with sophistication and elegance to make sure you will have regulars who will always come back.
It is not easy being as escort in Beijing. But if you just set your limits and draw a line, you will be safe and people will respect you.


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