June 1

My Fun Is Had Hypnotizing You With A Glance, Melting You With The Slightest Touch

You’ve searched and scanned and clicked, all in vain. You were beginning to lose hope that the alchemy of beauty and animal instinct, youth and wisdom, provocation and pleasure didn’t exist.

Don’t give up just yet.

Those few I’ve let into my world say the experience is like twisting open Russian nesting dolls; there are always new traits and treasures to be revealed. Perhaps it’s because I am at heart a seeker, like you, always looking to try on — or draft myself — new ways of experiencing this absurd world. Every minute is full of possibilities! And what better way to create reality (or suspend it) than with a fellow adventurer? Take my hand, don’t be intimidated by it’s confident grasp, and join me.

Let’s be salacious together.travel companion and escort. Kink friendly but by no means necessary.

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