April 5

Beijing Saunas

Lila-Massage-Porto-slider-1Compared to all other cities in mainland, Beijing saunas are probably the most expensive and the ones providing the poorest service (nothing that can compare with Shanghaior Southern cities). Yanjiao has already been mentioned a few time here and is probably the best option for full service, as long as you have the time to go there.

UPDATE: In Beijing the police is very strict to close any kind of hot public places very fast, so you might not be able to find full service sauna in Beijing now.

  • Lotus Club – Beijing Girls Sauna, Sexy chinese girls. RMB 498,- for 60 minutes. RMB 798,- for 90 minutes (including cosplay uniform). RMB 998,- for 120 minutes (including cosplay uniform).
  • Silk Stocking Clubhouse – Beijing Girls Sauna,   Sexy Chinese girls. Service Range start with RMB 400,- up to RMB 1400,- for the emperior package.
  • Health Pavilion – Beijing Sauna Club with Girls. Sexy Chinese girls. Service range start with RMB 398,- 60 minutes hot high heels and stocking service to RMB 1198,- 120 minutes role play, oil and stocking service.
  • Xiao Huang Private Club – Beijing Sauna.  (Běi jīng xiāo huáng sī rén huì suǒ). Service range start with RMB 598,- 60 minutes special massage to RMB 1398,- 120 minutes special massage, two girls.
  • Moonlight Clubhouse – Beijing Sauna Girls Club.  (Běi jīng yuè sè sī zú huì suǒ). (Běi jīng shì fēng tái qū nán sì huán sì hào). . Service range start with RMB 299,- for 45 minutes special oil massage to RMB 1299,- for 140 minutes special service with roleplay. They also offer all kinds of SM entertainment: RMB 799,- for 45 minutes SM slave service and RMB 1099,- for 60 minutes SM master service.
  • There is one on Chunxiu Lu, difficult to miss. Entry is around 138, service (BJ, FJ) is 1200. Facilities are great. Girls are generally pretty, no line-up.
  • Near Guomao, you can find another sauna offering full service, negotiable at 1200. Facilities are not so good, line-up offered. The first line-up is not so good, rather ask for a second one. For the emplacement itself, don’t go in the fancy Jingliang building where SPA is announced, it’s a legit one. Go a little southwest, look for the indication of the Royal Waterworld SPA and you should have your fun.
  • Near Sanyuanqiao, you can try the Longzu club. Facilities are so-so. They offer a quite special massage (body-body style followed by HJ) for 400 – managed once to go in DATY, however some girls are willing to give their phone number.
  • In Wangjing, you can also get a FS for 600. Fancy building, but facilities and service not especially good.

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