September 28

Beijing Sauna and Spa Parlors

In Beijing, it is much more difficult to find a Sauna or Spa with full service. There are only very less places, they are totally overpriced (for example while in Shanghai a session will be between 700 and 1600 RMB, they will start with sometimes 3000 and more for even less service, and unfortuntately we did not find even one sauna club currently we can recommend here, because all we knew have been closed by the police already.
Honestly, we are not even sure if there will still be clubs outthere now. There are many rumors about sauna clubs, but every time we try to find the place, we finally failed. So we are sorry to say that, but for sauna fun Bejing is the wrong city currently, and we don`t think it will change back to the time, where you could find fun everywhere. ave some relaxing entertainment with naked girls in Beijing.

If you don`t know what a girls sex sauna in China will offer, you can have a look on the sauna section on our Shanghai page. In Shanghai even now you can still find hundreds of great saunas all over the city with thousands of sexy girls: Sex Sauna clubs in Shanghai

So if you are in Beijing and interested to check out a sex sauna with girls, we can not help you out at the moment except with the tip, to take the train or plane to Shanghai and spend a great sauna time there!
What will happen in a Sauna or Spa?
First you will come to a locker room, where you leave your clothes and belongings. (some will allow you to bring your mobile inside, but most of them will also ask you to keep it in the locker room, could be they are afraid of taking pictures).

Than you will come to a spa area, where you take a shower. Very less sauna locations will serve the shower together with the girls, most time you take it for your self.
Tip: avoid to agree in the guys who offer a “towel dry service there”. Most time they will charge at least 50 RMB extra for that.

Next you will get some special “sauna clothes”. They are normally ugly and you will not like it, but luckily you can take them away very soon.

If the place is very crowdy, could be they will guide you to a relaxing room now, decorated with comfortable sofa chairs, tv and also drinks. Here you have to wait till they ask you to select the girls. If you come with friends, they normally will bring you there every time and leave you alone for at least half hour for “business talk”, because this kind of entertainment belongs to the chinese business culture.

Than it will come to the girls selection. Some beijing saunas will offer a “fishbowl room”, so you come to a window and look inside a room, where all the girls will show up in a line. They will have numbers on their (less) clothes, so you can make a selection. Some sauna parlors will bring you to a room, where you have to make the selection face by face. Sometimes they will bring you the girls to your “relaxing room” in a package of 5 to 10 girls each. Here you select one or ask for a new line up, if you don`t like any of the girls. Some places only ask you for your requirement and will bring one girl to you. If you don`t like her, ask them to bring another one.

After the selection you will have some time with the girl in a special massage room. Depending on what you booked, it should be 1 to 2 hour full service fun. Some sauna places are also offer special service
Nuru-Massage, where they will bring you to a special room where the girl will use nuru-jelly and massage you with her whole body
Role-Play, where they will bring you to special decorated rooms like office, kitchen a.s.o. and the girl will also be dressed like a secretary, stewardess, schoolgirl or what ever (called cosplay service sometimes.
Red Rope Massage, where the girl will fix a red band on the ceiling, than take a seat inside, turn around and hang from the ceiling and spin around, while she is doing a blow job.
After you finished the private session (normally for a longer booking there should be only a limitation of time, not of the numbers of times you want to enjoy), they will bring you back to the relaxing room. Here you can stay some time to take a drink or talk with your friends.
Tip: if any Beijing sauna offer you a ear cleaning service or something like that in the relaxing room – most time very beautiful girls will do this – better don`t book it, because this can be up to 400 RMB, and not even a little bit touching will be allowed.

When you want to leave the beijing sauna, they will offer you a second shower, than you will be guided to the locker room, take back your clothes, than normally they will bring you to the exit with reception table, where you can pay for the service (very often also with credit card, the booking item will be some restaurant in most cases).

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September 11

The Meaning Of Life: Escort Service In Beijing

Life has a different meaning to different people and this is because everyone doesn’t go through the same thing the next person goes through. For those people on top that never went through struggles, life is a smooth journey that has no gallops. In fact, to them there is nothing called hardship; to them, the people in the lower class are people that are just merely lazy.
For those that are on top, but went through struggles before making it, they know what it is like for life to throw a stone at someone, some of them may have been through hell, some may have started life as nothing, watching their parents struggle just to make sure that the children have something to eat every day. Some may have not known what it is like to eat a three square meal. So when they see people that are less privileged, they are moved with compassion, they remember what they had to pass through to get to where they are now. These ones will do whatever it takes to help as many as they can. So their own idea of life will be that you can’t predict the future of anyone. The person you may see struggling today, just need a chance to make a fortune.
For those who are still struggling, life is just not fair. Some of them will ask, ‘God, why is my life this way’? ‘Why can’t I have at least a comfortable life’. Some of them grow up with this mentality that life is not fair. This may propel some to grow up their children with the same mentality while others will propel their children to become successful in life.
So what is life to an beijing escort ?  Escorts to a large extent live their dream because they work and still it doesn’t look like work. There is a popular saying that when you do what you love, then work no longer looks like work because you work with excitement, zeal and you just want more work.
Beijing Escorts enjoy this and more and that is why they give their best. In many reliable and professional escort agencies, escorts work because they love to, not because they are obliged to and that is why everyone that has an encounter with these escorts and agencies will always come again, again and again. In the city of Beijing, there you’ll find beautiful and well educated Beijing escorts providing services to people that need their companion and escort services. These escorts’ services in Beijing have been able to mix business with pleasure. They escort people to various events and give them company.
People can also find the best of Beijing massage services. Most times when you see them with their clients, you will never know they were meeting for the first time. We can say the same for the beijing  escort. Probably you love having your time out on the beach; the escorts provide escort services in beijing. So make your occasions and vacations count by having our escorts around you.