September 13

How much money does a woman expect you to have?

You don’t need to be super-rich to impress a lady, but you do need to be financially independent. Behaving like the perfect gentleman is a must, regardless of how much money you have. Most women like to look after themselves well and most are also financially independent. But she is biologically conditioned to see out the one who cans provide for her. Even if she has no intention of a future with this man, it is simply in her biological makeup to filter out those gentlemen who cannot maintain a quality of life.

Often, a lack of income or wealth can be the result of emotional problems, laziness, criminal background, or general personal problems. No woman wants to deal with this. Obviously this is not the case all the time, but they can be some of the reasons – which again, biologically, filters you out in a women’s unconscious selection process. So having some level of wealth is important to make your female companions feel safe with you, and consider you a competent, able man.

There is no number on that. Every woman will be different. But clearly you need to have enough to cover her basic needs. Check what those needs are, as it will vary from woman to woman. Some ladies are quite simple, and don’t necessarily care about taking care of themselves in every way possible. They are comfortable with a massage twice a year, and having her hair done every month or so. Other women prefer to be kept groomed to her highest potential, enjoying higher maintenance care. But the gentlemen who like to spoil a lady, won’t mind a high maintenance lady, as he will enjoy ‘maintaining’ her 🙂

And lets face it, a woman who dresses in quality attire, whose skin is flawless and firm from regular facials and good skin care products, whose nails are immaculate and whose body is in excellent shape thanks to personal trainers, excellent nutrition, or even discreet cosmetic surgery, is going to be a lot more fun to look at and be close to! So that expense is in fact an investment in yourself. if you look at it that way, then you will see the reason why some women are ‘high maintenance’. Because only a wealthy gentleman can handle, appreciate and maintain the lifestyle of those high end women.

Only a man of breeding and sophistication will understand the effort and expense that goes into looking that way, feeling that good. And we all know, when a woman feels good, she is in a generally happy mood. And when she is happy, everyone around her is happy. It’s all part of the higher quality lifestyle, that only the truly wealthy gentleman really understands.

Some tips to avoid your wealth becoming unattractive.

Believe it or not, not every woman is even impressed by wealth. Some actively avoid the wealthy, as her own personal beliefs or experiences have taught her it is not the lifestyle it seems. If you are wealthy, don’t flaunt it in front of your date. You’ll come across as arrogant and flashy as well as superficial and materialistic. Your date will feel as though she has to compete with your wealth in order to be worthy of your company. or worse, she may feel like some kind of charity or trinket to you.  By all means spoil her, but keep it low key, especially in the beginning. Wait to see if she is worth it first, or how she responds to wealth.  You can always make her feel like a million dollars without spending a cent.

Lower earners can be more modest in their approach to dates, but can still make an impression. Women also look at potential, not just what you currently own. Especially the smart women 🙂  You can still go to good quality places without being cheap. Regardless of your financial situation, the rules are still the same. Be yourself, be confident and treat your date with the respect she deserves. Of course it is unlikely you will be dating high end ladies or luxury supermodel escorts if your overall income is less, but there are always other options, until you have enough disposable income to indulge in life’s little luxuries – and to spoil your date with them too.

You will have to decide what you want out of the dating game. If it’s a temporary yet special encounter with a high class companion, go with it and enjoy the moment. Life is short, and it’s a chance for you to spoil yourself with experiences and memories that will last you til you’re an old man. If you’re looking for something more serious and long term, you will need to work out if your date is with your for your money, or if she’s with you for you. Sometimes pretending to have less money than you have can be a wise move, until you know the woman is not greedy. There is a fine line between someone who is high maintenance, and will happily provide for herself if you are in difficulty, versus someone who is greedy, and will see you lose your car to pay for her lifestyle. Find someone who has a heart, even if she likes the finer things.

A high maintenance lady will need a high source of income to maintain her lifestyle. Rich is what suits YOUR lifestyle and how you feel about things other than money. Ultimately, no, there is no such thing as ‘too rich’, depending on what lifestyle you like to maintain. How much charity you life to give. How important quality is to you. What you consider essential. What level of luxury you like to enjoy, and what memories you want for yourself in your old age. This is entirely up to you to decipher for yourself 😉


June 5

Beautiful women don’t always have it as easy as one might assume

Learning a few key skills will help you stand out from the crowd. Beautiful women don’t always have it as easy as one might assume. Some beautiful women are hit on by every man she encounters; mostly in quite unimaginative and disrespectful ways. Others are completely avoided, as she intimidates most men with her beauty. Those men who do approach her are very often nervous or cocky and arrogant, trying to impress her or prove she is not special. None of these scenarios is fair, enjoyable or appropriate.

All men need to understand that women are women, regardless of how they look. She takes washes her hands in the bathroom just like your neighbor next door. She eats just like your colleague. She hurts and cries, dreams and laughs, loves and bleeds just like every other woman. Yes, she may move with a little more grace due to excellent breeding. She may have been blessed with more pleasing features (hardly an accomplishment), and she may have legs up to her ears – but she is still a woman.

When you understand this, you can approach any woman, with a polite confident and authenticity that will make her look twice. Now beware; not every beautiful woman is kind. But all kind women are beautiful. So pay attention to her conduct and see how she behaves for a moment. Is she rude to waiters/ staff? Is she always looking in the mirror or taking photos of herself? Does she listen to people, or talk about herself the entire time? As long as she is polite and considerate, she is approachable.

Always dress well if you are trying to get a beautiful woman’s attention. This is a good foundation for anything else you might do. Wear a good quality suit or outfit that you are comfortable in, and make sure your hair is presentable; you don’t want to look scruffy. It goes without saying to keep your best asset in tip top condition, that is, your smile! A friendly man has far better chance with a beautiful woman than one who has his nose in the air, but flashes his Rolex. Good women always care more about getting along with you, than how much money you have.

Work on your body language. How you carry yourself can betray your emotions when you are nervous and apprehensive. You want to come across as confident and self-assured. Stand up straight and walk tall, but not overly cocky. Don’t walk with a slouch or stare at the floor as if you’d rather be anywhere but there in that moment. Keep your head up and survey the room. Have the attitude that you own the room, but you have a live-and-let-live personality. This will make you look poised and in control, but good natured. Catch her eye and don’t look away. Walk slowly, purposefully, and don’t rush across the room.

Making that initial eye contact is all-important to grab her attention. Whether you give an intense, smoldering look, or look at her with a gentle, amused smile, she will notice you looking. If she notices and likes you, she will smile back, or give you an inquisitive look, leaving your opening clear to approach her.

Plan in advance what you should say. There is nothing more nerve-wracking than opening your mouth and nothing comes out lol. Keep it simple and not corny. For example, “Do you have wings? Because you look like an angel”…. PUKE! Talk to her like a Real Person. Because that’s what she is. Just because she’s beautiful, doesn’t change who she is inside.

Make it clear you are not hitting on her, but you’re interested in getting to know her as a friend first. Nothing is more alluring to a woman than a man who is not trying to get something from her. Why do you think they love their gay friends?? Have list of things that you can refer to such as – can I get you another drink? Or, are you from around here? These are simple and inoffensive. You should come across as genuine. Then you can approach other questions like “What do you do?” and “What kind of food do you like?”, “Have you traveled much?” etc.

If you manage to engage her in a conversion, be attentive and interested, like any new person you meet and chat with; genuinely listen. Speak slowly and confidently, share tasteful experiences, and don’t be afraid to ask gentle, non-invasive questions about her. Be yourself, be natural, and don’t forget to smile.

Also, don’t be afraid to compliment her. Yes, she hears compliments all the time – but sometimes she doesn’t, because people assume she already knows. Every woman likes to hear a genuine compliment. Don’t gush, or tell her she’s beautiful too many times, or compliment her non-stop. Just maybe lean in, staring into her eyes, and say ‘wow your eyes are really beautiful – I’m not just saying that lol!” Making her laugh as well, will definitely break the ice.

If you get her number at the end of the evening, congratulate yourself on a job well done! Take a day or two, then call her to hang out again.

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March 8

The life of an elite escort or beautiful single is also a life full of adventure and excitement


Elite escort going shopping – WHy do they enter the escorting world? Do you think your innocent little girlfriend would never do any kind of escort work? Do you think your girlfriend or wife is too classy to have ever been a professional travel companion…? You’d be surprised. That’s exactly the kind of woman that the high-end industry attracts. 😉

While there is of course a market for lower end escorts who provide less tasteful services for money, there are also very elite introduction escort agencies who provide very well bred, beautiful women and supermodels to VIPs and celebrities, in a very kind and tasteful exchange of energies and companionship. And the kind of woman you think would never have done that… Has probably done it in some fashion.

Whether as a sugar baby, the girlfriend of an affluent man for the advantages he can give her, or the more savvy and business like elite escort, who prefers to choose with whom she spends her time, in exchange for a hefty fee. The fee guarantees she will only spend time with sophisticated and refined gentlemen, and she often pays for her Ivy League education or world travel experience, with this arrangement. As opposed to taking whatever he thinks she is worth/ whatever she has to ask for every day.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the women who work for elite introduction and escort dating agencies. Why do they do it? Do they like it? What’s in it for them?

A high class escort is a well bred woman who is always presented in designer outfitsThe truth is, there are many benefits for these ladies doing what they do and the most important reason is financial freedom. They can earn a lot of money in one evening just by being good company and having fun. All the ladies take good care of themselves as the clients expect quality, and quality as well as excellence, is what they get. Sometimes she simply enjoys meeting new people, and doesn’t want to waste her time on random people. After all, the agency screens everyone for her, to be a perfect match. In addition, she doesn’t need to deal with him directly again if she doesn’t want to!

The life of an elite escort or beautiful single is also a life full of adventure and excitement. They could be having dinner anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. They date the wealthiest of clients who have the means to show them the world and the fine things it has to offer. They also attend lavish and prestigious business functions as they are often required at such events.

It also gives them the opportunity to meet wealthy men and experience a luxury lifestyle. A lifestyle they may be accustomed to, due to daddy’s money, (which she is seeking to emancipate from, while making her independent income), or a level of luxury she has not yet experienced, if she is still quite young. These girls get to travel a lot, as well as having great experiences in luxury.

Imagine dating for a living, and having the best time a date has to offer! Gentlemen trying to impress you and compliment you and gift you… It’s not bad! These girls don’t get bogged down in the hassles of emotional dating, as their aim is to ensure that the client has the best time, so he will return. They may genuinely care for their clients, but they are rarely looking for a deep relationship. However occasionally she may fall in love, and a relationship can be arranged. Whether that is a life partner relationship or a temporary sugar baby relationship, remains to be decided!

Travel companion escort leaving a luxury five star hotelPrimarily, these are very clever business women who are using the best of themselves to make a lot of money and live a luxurious lifestyle. If one’s beauty only lasts for the first 40 years or so, and one is blessed with such, wouldn’t one make the most of that? They don’t all have to be blonde teenagers, as gentlemen have very different tastes. He can select a lady with a bit of knowledge of the world, as well as an excellent education.

At the higher end of the scale, like Mynt Models® elite agency, one can be assured of only meeting the most sophisticated and refined dates. The agency screens both gentlemen and ladies, to ensure only cultured, special people are introduced to each other.,

These girls love their work, and have a sensational time as well – what more could one want?!


December 15


Book a high class dinner date in Beijing, with elite escort introduction agency Aiko.If you travel a lot on business, chances are you spend a lot of time in Beijing. This commercial hub has everything from lively nightlife to the Royal family. There is so much to see and do, so you might want to book a dinner date. But you don’t want to book just anyone, nor do you want an official ‘prostitute’, whose images are splashed all over the internet – you don’t want to be seen or photographed with a known escort! How embarrassing…

Booking an elite date in Beijing couldn’t be simpler, when you select a genuinely high end agency to offer discretion and well bred young ladies. Make sure to do your research, don’t be fooled by pretty pictures, often from bait-and-switch agencies, and look for a reputable company that offers quality, privacy guarantees, as well as excellent care of your needs via phone or email. If you’re beginning your search online, avoid agencies whose websites look cheap and nasty. This is a no brainer giveaway, and you will most definitely regret it. A high quality agency will have lots of well-written information to reassure you, as well as offering a guarantee of quality.

The agency will help you select the perfect date, by match-making suitable models in line with your preferences. Someone with local knowledge of Beijing will be an added bonus, as she can suggest the best venues and visitor hotspots. And if you are a Beijing local yourself, then a visiting model or travel companion might be of some interest to you, if you enjoy the exotic and exciting. By all means, a local model for a local gentleman can work too. As long as the match is right, a sensational experience should ve had by all – this is certainly the ultimate goal of Aiko? introductions.

Your beautiful date will be the perfect accompaniment to an evening in lively Beijing. There is so much to do that you may need several dates to appreciate it all! You can sample all the world’s cuisine in this one city. Beijing is the perfect place to enjoy the company of a like-minded date. Even if you are a local, enjoying all this with someone new and captivating can really build the romance meter. A first date in Beijing, feeding each other ice cream or candy is the epitome of romance.

If you are staying for longer than one evening and you have enjoyed the company of your date, don’t be afraid to tell the agency that you would like to book her again. Or by all means, keep her for the weekend. Having an exclusive date is quite common, especially when you and your date both hit it off. It is common because we carefully match dates to every gentleman as if he is our only client. With the caliber of models we recruit, there is a high chance of a perfect match! Wanting to remain together means you have built up a rapport, and your energies are compatible and complimentary. Your date will want to make you happy, and if she has accepted the booking initially, and stayed with you, then she will no doubt be thrilled to spend more time with you. Your personal holiday guide in Beijing will make sure you get the most out of your stay and you won’t want to leave!


November 23


Mistakes Men Make to AvoidWhile every one of us thinks we are a charming date and fascinating company, it is not always the case. 😉  We are all different, and we all enjoy different aspects and qualities about others. But there are some universal issues. The most common mistakes men make with women (as far as the average woman is concerned) are listed below – try to avoid these, or find solutions, and make the most of your time in the company of a beautiful woman!

1 . Men Won’t Discuss Their Feelings

While men find women a mystery, women are in pretty much the same boat for the first 50 years of her life lol. She may not understand why you don’t share yourself with her – she may not understand that you simply don’t have it to share! Gently let her know that while you do have feelings, they aren’t as deep as hers, nor are they as complex. Explain that she is beautiful because she is emotionally layered, like puff pastry. And you are special because you are uncomplicated and easy, like melted chocolate. She should accept this analogy and stop asking. Encourage her to talk with her friends more.

2. You Spend Too Much Time on Your Own Hobbies

She may complain you are too into sports or spend too much time on your own hobbies. Perhaps you need to be with someone who shares your hobbies..! Alternatively, you can spend your time with someone who will always enjoy what you enjoy – a beautiful woman from Mynt Models® !  An elite escort companion will always do her best to make you happy, and you will never have to deal with complaints, sarcasm, criticism or a too-obtuse opinion! While she will be herself, she will never be so ungracious as to make you feel uncomfortable. And when you’re paying for her time, why would she? Be honest now, how much have you wasted on mediocre dates, relationships that went nowhere, greedy girlfriends and drinks, trying to pick up a possibility? Isn’t it time you were a little wiser, and prudently spent your money on someone that will provide you with a high-quality experience for once?

3. Forgetting Special Occasions

Another big complaint from women is that men forget special things – anniversaries, her favorite color, her mother’s birthday. If you are that way inclined, you could simply point out your great points and say ‘if my only flaw is forgetfulness sometimes, you should be happy!’ lol. Or again, you could book some time with a gorgeous single from an escort dating agency, or book a vacation with a travel companion. No complaining about anniversaries here, even if you’ve been dating her for a year! Forgot her birthday? She doesn’t care! 🙂

4. Lack of Sexual Desire

The next biggest complaints concern a more difficult area – sexuality. He only wants sex. Or he makes love to quickly.. He doesn’t consider my needs.  Seriously, be a gentleman. Why would a woman wear lingerie, dress up for you, play roles for you and do all manner of dirty naughty things if there’s nothing in it for her? Do you really think your animal leap and lusty 3 minutes is going to seduce her?? Is that how a man keeps a woman? Oh not for a moment. Do yourself a favor – research sex, learn how to do it right. the return you will experience will make you fairly how with delight! A man who knows how to charm, seduce, arouse and climax a woman is NEVER alone.

Therefore, to make a woman fall madly in love with you and to have a happy relationship, avoid those 4 mistakes men make above. It’s not that difficult. A big boy like you can figure out one little button.. right? 😉


November 2


If you’re concerned about booking an elite escort in Beijing for fear of being arrested, please relax. An elite escort or courtesan is not “selling sex”, and will never solicit such things or make any adult promises. Therefore she is doing nothing wrong, and neither are you. Booking a lady for a dinner date, a tour guide, a coffee buddy or an event accompaniment is not illegal. Even having her visit your hotel for a chat is not illegal.

Again, like your female lawyer or accountant, IF there is chemistry between you and she feels comfortable to accept a kiss or pursue some kind of personal connection with you, that will absolutely be at the escort’s discretion and personal choice. An elite luxury escort agency will Never ‘pimp’ their ladies in such an underhanded way, or promise private ‘services’ to people without her consent. She is NOT a prostitute. Hence her high end career, and the premium price tag for her time. She doesn’t give her time for any less than she would earn in her career.

Therefore, you won’t be in a position to accept or decline any illegal “adult services”, as they aren’t on offer like a menu list. A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell anyway, and would never expect a lady to discuss such things, or to disclose anything she might feel comfortable with in her personal life. How you spend your time together is entirely private between you and the beijing escort girl.

It’s up to you to be as charming and alluring as possible, to create the most comfortable environment for her. When a lady is comfortable, feeling safe and appreciated with a warm, kind person, she is more likely to let her guard down and start to appreciate you in return.

At the end of the day, you are booking this woman’s time, and paying for that companionship time. To get to know her, to enjoy a lovely dinner date and evening/ weekend/ week together. The connection you may form, or the personality clash that ends the date, (which is rare, given how lovely they are!), will be entirely between you and your Beijing date.

September 28

Beijing Sauna and Spa Parlors

In Beijing, it is much more difficult to find a Sauna or Spa with full service. There are only very less places, they are totally overpriced (for example while in Shanghai a session will be between 700 and 1600 RMB, they will start with sometimes 3000 and more for even less service, and unfortuntately we did not find even one sauna club currently we can recommend here, because all we knew have been closed by the police already.
Honestly, we are not even sure if there will still be clubs outthere now. There are many rumors about sauna clubs, but every time we try to find the place, we finally failed. So we are sorry to say that, but for sauna fun Bejing is the wrong city currently, and we don`t think it will change back to the time, where you could find fun everywhere. ave some relaxing entertainment with naked girls in Beijing.

If you don`t know what a girls sex sauna in China will offer, you can have a look on the sauna section on our Shanghai page. In Shanghai even now you can still find hundreds of great saunas all over the city with thousands of sexy girls: Sex Sauna clubs in Shanghai

So if you are in Beijing and interested to check out a sex sauna with girls, we can not help you out at the moment except with the tip, to take the train or plane to Shanghai and spend a great sauna time there!
What will happen in a Sauna or Spa?
First you will come to a locker room, where you leave your clothes and belongings. (some will allow you to bring your mobile inside, but most of them will also ask you to keep it in the locker room, could be they are afraid of taking pictures).

Than you will come to a spa area, where you take a shower. Very less sauna locations will serve the shower together with the girls, most time you take it for your self.
Tip: avoid to agree in the guys who offer a “towel dry service there”. Most time they will charge at least 50 RMB extra for that.

Next you will get some special “sauna clothes”. They are normally ugly and you will not like it, but luckily you can take them away very soon.

If the place is very crowdy, could be they will guide you to a relaxing room now, decorated with comfortable sofa chairs, tv and also drinks. Here you have to wait till they ask you to select the girls. If you come with friends, they normally will bring you there every time and leave you alone for at least half hour for “business talk”, because this kind of entertainment belongs to the chinese business culture.

Than it will come to the girls selection. Some beijing saunas will offer a “fishbowl room”, so you come to a window and look inside a room, where all the girls will show up in a line. They will have numbers on their (less) clothes, so you can make a selection. Some sauna parlors will bring you to a room, where you have to make the selection face by face. Sometimes they will bring you the girls to your “relaxing room” in a package of 5 to 10 girls each. Here you select one or ask for a new line up, if you don`t like any of the girls. Some places only ask you for your requirement and will bring one girl to you. If you don`t like her, ask them to bring another one.

After the selection you will have some time with the girl in a special massage room. Depending on what you booked, it should be 1 to 2 hour full service fun. Some sauna places are also offer special service
Nuru-Massage, where they will bring you to a special room where the girl will use nuru-jelly and massage you with her whole body
Role-Play, where they will bring you to special decorated rooms like office, kitchen a.s.o. and the girl will also be dressed like a secretary, stewardess, schoolgirl or what ever (called cosplay service sometimes.
Red Rope Massage, where the girl will fix a red band on the ceiling, than take a seat inside, turn around and hang from the ceiling and spin around, while she is doing a blow job.
After you finished the private session (normally for a longer booking there should be only a limitation of time, not of the numbers of times you want to enjoy), they will bring you back to the relaxing room. Here you can stay some time to take a drink or talk with your friends.
Tip: if any Beijing sauna offer you a ear cleaning service or something like that in the relaxing room – most time very beautiful girls will do this – better don`t book it, because this can be up to 400 RMB, and not even a little bit touching will be allowed.

When you want to leave the beijing sauna, they will offer you a second shower, than you will be guided to the locker room, take back your clothes, than normally they will bring you to the exit with reception table, where you can pay for the service (very often also with credit card, the booking item will be some restaurant in most cases).

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September 11

The Meaning Of Life: Escort Service In Beijing

Life has a different meaning to different people and this is because everyone doesn’t go through the same thing the next person goes through. For those people on top that never went through struggles, life is a smooth journey that has no gallops. In fact, to them there is nothing called hardship; to them, the people in the lower class are people that are just merely lazy.
For those that are on top, but went through struggles before making it, they know what it is like for life to throw a stone at someone, some of them may have been through hell, some may have started life as nothing, watching their parents struggle just to make sure that the children have something to eat every day. Some may have not known what it is like to eat a three square meal. So when they see people that are less privileged, they are moved with compassion, they remember what they had to pass through to get to where they are now. These ones will do whatever it takes to help as many as they can. So their own idea of life will be that you can’t predict the future of anyone. The person you may see struggling today, just need a chance to make a fortune.
For those who are still struggling, life is just not fair. Some of them will ask, ‘God, why is my life this way’? ‘Why can’t I have at least a comfortable life’. Some of them grow up with this mentality that life is not fair. This may propel some to grow up their children with the same mentality while others will propel their children to become successful in life.
So what is life to an beijing escort ?  Escorts to a large extent live their dream because they work and still it doesn’t look like work. There is a popular saying that when you do what you love, then work no longer looks like work because you work with excitement, zeal and you just want more work.
Beijing Escorts enjoy this and more and that is why they give their best. In many reliable and professional escort agencies, escorts work because they love to, not because they are obliged to and that is why everyone that has an encounter with these escorts and agencies will always come again, again and again. In the city of Beijing, there you’ll find beautiful and well educated Beijing escorts providing services to people that need their companion and escort services. These escorts’ services in Beijing have been able to mix business with pleasure. They escort people to various events and give them company.
People can also find the best of Beijing massage services. Most times when you see them with their clients, you will never know they were meeting for the first time. We can say the same for the beijing  escort. Probably you love having your time out on the beach; the escorts provide escort services in beijing. So make your occasions and vacations count by having our escorts around you.


August 21

Beijing escorts -Friendly with impressive Communication skills

When you are availing the service of Beijing escorts agency, you must keep in mind that there exists an element of risk. Not all agencies provide quality services. It has been observed that some of the escorts had taken the advantage of their clients in past and had resorted to blackmailing them. You must exercise care in selecting the right escort agency. These escort service providers should be a reputed one with many years of experience in this field. The selection of process of these escorts is really very important in ensuring high quality escorts. The escorts which you are going to choose should be well groomed, pleasing manners and also outgoing nature etc. they must be ready to cater to various requirements without any kind of hassles. You can select such escorts for social events and in family get together function. The escorts in Beijing that you are going to obtain must be able to adjust with personal functions and provide you the right company in a natural way. If you are hiring them for private arrangement, then it is advisable to invite the escort to your place or some other common spot selected by you. It is advisable not to choose the one which is suggested by the escort to avoid burden of risks.

A huge variety of Beijing escorts are available to choose. They range from genuine Beijing escorts to Shanghai, Eastern European, and Latin, Asian and also African origins. If you want the Beijing escorts to be with you from the time you land in Beijing until you leave the city, then this type of service is provided by many Beijing escort agencies. This can be a costly proposition but it is a pleasant experience which you can afford it. These escorts are highly trained personnel having knowledge of how to behave and how to please.
Moreover, if you wish to have the best escorts in Beijing, then it is better to book them in advance so that you can get the highest quality escorts. The last minute requests may result in mediocre type of escorts due to the preoccupation of top notch escorts.
You must also consider the past history of Beijing escorts. The past history includes the type of escort offered by them, the level of discretion provided by the agency, the prices of escorts and the time which one require to be with you in the selection of escorts in Beijing. If necessary, one can always ask the agencies to provide the phone numbers of their previous clients and talk to them.


July 16

Why Do Men Pay For Escorts?

The first image that comes to my mind when hear the word Escort is an athletic woman with jet-black hair, sparkling brown eyes, olive tan, an incredible behind, a smile to die for and 4 inch black pump heels ? at true Latina beauty. But that?s enough about me. So why is it that so many men contact women over the internet via On-Line Adult Directories and flip through local newspaper Adult Entertainment pages searching for the perfect hot n? sexy date? Most men say they are lonely and would appreciate the company of a beautiful woman for just an hour or two to fill the void.

Many men say that they pay for sex because it ?is easy to get exactly what you want?. You don?t have to worry about any surprises. When you have the option of setting up a date by viewing a picture of your dream girl, reading her description and simply making a telephone call (or sending an e-mail) and your date shows up at your door 30 minutes later, it almost sounds too perfect.

Other men that I have interviewed make a point to emphasize that paying for sex via calling upon an beijing escort is ideal because there is ?no emotional attachment with the other person?. You don?t have to sit down at a dinner table (unless you want to) and listen to your date go on and on about all of the generally boring stories about their life and what ails them. On the other hand, your date will readily listen to you ramble on about your personal problems as long as you are on the clock.

Do men enjoy watching porn movies? Try this, ask 100 men if they have ever watched an adult movie and if the enjoy doing so. The overwhelming response to your question will undeniably be a YES. Some lucky guys do find a partner that enjoys porn just as much if not more than he does. Most men will agree that their girlfriend or wife does not watch porn however this may be not be the case for everyone you speak to. This is another reason some men pay for sex, they fantasize about ?the porn-star experience?. Deep down inside the majority of men yearn for that wild, kinky, sloppy, crazy ? you know what I mean. Paying a few hundred bucks for mind blowing latex fueled sex doesn?t sound like too bad of an investment if your regular (sex) life is boring. Variety and spice may be good thing.

Not many men will admit they are afraid of rejection. Well guess what, we are. The vast majority of men would rather not be turned down after asking a girl out on a date or to a movie. It?s just a daunting thing. There are rarely turn down?s when arranging a date with an escort unless she is all booked or under the weather. Tomorrow is another day and your luck ought to improve with another telephone call.

So you have just ended your 2 or 4 hour date with the woman of your dreams and she really seemed to care about you. Now she?s gone and guess what, you?re lonely again. Was it worth it? Only you will truly know.